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CN (Dalian) Information Ltd

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Add: FangYun Park, Ganjingzi Dist, Dalian 116000, China

- Trade data and analysis.

- Acquisition studies.

- Branding research and consultancy.

- Competitive intelligence.

- Customer satisfaction surveys.

- China export market research.

- Market assessment/sizing.

- Market entry consultancy and practice.

- Pricing strategy research.

- Product development research.

- Segmentation research. 

- China related investment data and analysis.

- Chinese investment info collection.

- Partner background survey.

- Industry survey.

- Exhibitions and events, all-in service.

- Identifying potential Chinese partners.

- Face-to-face promotion with potential partners and authorities.

- On-site investigation on target projects at home and abroad.

- Tourism related data and analysis.

- Online search engine.

- Mobile social networking.

- Advertisement on professional media.

- Exhibition/event show, all-in service.

- Building and optimizing website in Chinese language.

- Face-to-face promotion with local potential partners and authorities. 

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